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From Google Ads to Facebook Ads

Facebook and Google ads may sound similar but are not same. While Facebook deals with paid social campaigns, Google uses search and display ads. Yet, both depend on pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Our PPC campaign is designed to properly identify the platforms and, as a result aims to target ideal audiences accordingly.

Remarketing / Retargeting

Retargeting (sometimes called remarketing) is a marketing technique that uses cookies to track the web activity of people who have visited your website. Then, banner ads featuring products or services that those people were interested in are displayed on other websites that they visit. Retargeting is effective because it reminds potential customers of the product or service they were interested in, hopefully motivating them to return to your website and make a purchase. Additionally, retargeting can be used to target specific demographics such as age, gender, or interests.

Pay-Per-Click Services

Pay Per Click Management Services Offered

The way PPC is used by different organizations varies. We also have a collection of suggestions for building an effective PPC strategy. We also pay attention to your requests. Here’s a quick rundown

1. You Own your Account

We allow you to keep your PPC account. We think you should own it, no matter what, because you are the legitimate owner and paid to establish it.

2. Optimized for Conversions

Do you want metrics that will help your company succeed? Our company provides the ones that produce worthwhile outcomes, not vanity indicators (clicks or CTR) like as impressions). Revenue and leads are important to you, and we'll be there for you to achieve your goals.

3. Report in Natural Language

Do not load your business with technical jargon. Let us help you create reports on the metrics your business requires.

4. Set a New High Score

At SEO Services in London, we set the bar exceptionally high for each customer, assisting them in establishing a new high score for their PPC accounts. To us, having an acceptable account is insufficient; it must be followed by continual development and expansion in income from clients.

5. No Long-Term Contracts

In terms of contracts, we make agreements on a monthly basis with a 30-day notice period. We don't want you to be stuck in an endless contract.

6. Dedicated Account Manager

Clients are extremely important to us. All clients should anticipate immediate replies to inquiries, focused representatives, weekly updates, and monthly calls from the SEO Services team.

PPC Agency

Why Choose Us for PPC Service?

Let us explain to you about the strategies since we’ve gone through our PPC ideas with you. It’s critical that we conduct a thorough study and analysis of your website before determining your priorities. Finding flaws and working to improve outcomes is our aim. We strongly advise against blindly implementing concepts without doing any research first.

Why Choose Us for PPC Service

Generate Leads With Effective Advertising Campaigns & Attractive Offers

Grab your client's attention with effective offers and advertising campaigns provided by SEO Services to introduce ideal leads for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Management Fee Structure

Take advantage of our affordable and flexible monthly pricing option.

PPC Management Structure

We initiate by setting up a meeting to discuss the client’s plans and budget. The first step to the task involves reviewing the business and website for information, loopholes, and areas that need improvement.

Once we understand the client’s needs & their business ideas we begin the next phase that involves keyword researching.

The right keywords allow us to understand the demographic and target the most appropriate audiences.

Since we are already aware of the target audiences and have perfect keywords, it is now time for us to develop the campaign. It is the stage where we introduce and create exposure for your business/service.

The campaign should appeal to and create interest among audiences. Keeping that in mind, our team builds a landing page with spectacular design and quality content. We also make sure it is well-optimized and gives better information compared to the competitor’s campaign.

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